What is the difference between Single Weft, Double Weft and ITIPs and how do I know which one is right for me?

The Single Weft Microlink method is designed for clients with thin to fine hair. The microbeads are installed between the wefts providing a seamless install that blends perfectly with the client’s natural hair. Also referred to as the floating weft extension method, single weft Microlinks traditionally uses 1-1.5 bundles and is a lightweight way to add volume and length.

The Double Weft Microlink method is a great option for clients’ weft with medium to thick hair. The two wefts are hand tied over a row of microbeads to provide maximum fullness and added length. Double weft is great for clients who want a full install look with 2-2.5 bundles while still accomplishing style versatility. Ponytail and high bun approved!

The ITIP Method is another great option for clients with medium to thick hair. The individually placed ITIPS allow for a fully customizable install that adds volume, length and maximum style versatility. Client’s love this weft-free method and enjoy the opportunity to run their hands through their luxury Microlinks with no barriers.

Which install method is the best for me?

All methods are beautiful, easy, versatile and flexible. The method chosen is determined by YOUR natural hair (the weight, density, thickness, etc). If the correct method is selected for your hair, your results will be optimal. Unsure which method is best to choose? Book a in person consultation with a Lavish Hair Line Microlink Master by texting an image/images of your hair in the state in which you wish to wear your Microlinks. Send images to (973) 705-7650 and we will begin the conversation of consulting you on the recommended method.

Is there a certain hair texture or length that Microlinks are better suited for?

Microlinks are great for all hair textures. A texture match can be performed to accomplish your style goals. Microlinks are best suited for clients with hair at least 4-5″ long to ensure there is enough hair to cover the microbeads and weft/ITIPS and pass the ponytail test. If your hair is short, you may not have the same versatility as someone with longer hair, but you can still get Microlinks.

Is there a big difference between Microlinks and ITIPs?

Single Weft Microlinks, Double Weft Microlinks and ITIPS are amongst the extension techniques we offer at Lavish Hair Line. All three methods are different and suited for clients based on the health, weight and density of their natural hair.