A Beginner’s Guide to Textured Hair Extensions

Are you looking for a way to add length & volume to your hair while texture matching your natural hair with high quality hair extensions? Our Luxury Indian hair extension line is the perfect solution for you! This line was created to close a gap in the hair extension industry. With over 4 different types of curl patterns and hair texture to match your natural hair to perfection. Textured hair extensions are the perfect solution for you! Designed to blend seamlessly with your natural hair texture, these extensions provide a natural and voluminous look that is easily customizable. No matter if you have wavy, curly, or kinky hair, our textured extensions allow you to switch up your look effortlessly. For high-quality textured hair extensions, visit Lavish Hair Line in New Jersey and Texas. Book now!

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How to Find the Right Ones for You

Finding the right textured hair extensions starts with understanding your hair type (curl pattern), texture, and desired look. Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect match:

  1. Determine Your Hair Type: Identify if your hair is curly, wavy, or kinky to narrow down which of our textured hair extension would work best your you..
  2. Research Different Extension Types: We offer different types of Microlinks techniques that can work well with your lifestyle and hair texture. Book an in person or virtual consultation so we can asses which technique works best for you.
  3. Consider Length and Volume: Keep in mind in which state will you wear your hair extension the most. (Curly or Straight). Think about where would you like the hair to fall when it’s straight and when it’s curly, since most of the time the shrinkage is real.
  4. Seek Professional Advice: Consult with a hairstylist specializing in extensions to get personalized recommendations based on your hair type and desired look. Get in touch with Lavish Hair Line today!

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How We Can Help

Here’s what you can expect when you choose Lavish Hair Line:

  • Maintaining the Health of Your Hair: At Lavish Hair Line, we understand that maintaining the health of your natural hair is essential. Our team of experts will ensure that your hair extensions are applied and removed safely, minimizing any potential damage. We prioritize the health and integrity of your hair throughout the entire process.
  • Texture Match: Achieving a seamless blend between your natural hair and extensions is crucial for a natural-looking result. Our team will meticulously match the texture of the extensions to your hair. Whether you have loose waves, tight coils, or anything in between, we have a wide range of textured hair extensions to perfectly match your natural look.
  • Coloring the Hair Extensions: If you desire a new hair color to complement your style, we can help. Our expert colorists are skilled in coloring extensions without compromising their quality. Whether you want to add highlights, lowlights, or a completely new color, we offer a variety of shades and can customize the extension to so the color can compliment your skin..

Hair with scissors and combs.

What We Offer

At Lavish Hair Line, we provide top-notch hair extensions to help you achieve your desired look. Our selection includes Tape in hair extension, Single Weft Microlinks, Single X Double weft Microlinks, F-Tips Microlinks & I-Tip Microlinks.With an emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction, we guarantee that our extensions will seamlessly blend with your natural hair texture, giving your the volume and length you desire while making the hair extension look like its an extension of your natural hair. giving you the voluminous and textured style you desire.

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Why Choose Us?

We understand the importance of finding the perfect textured hair extensions and an install that will work with your natural hair and lifestyle. Our team of experts is committed to providing exceptional customer service and high-quality products. We offer a range of extensions, ensuring you find the ideal match to seamlessly blend with your natural hair texture. We prioritize the health and integrity of your hair, ensuring safe application and removal. Trust Lavish Hair Line for all your textured hair extension needs.

Choosing the right textured hair extensions is crucial for a seamless and natural look. By understanding your hair type, researching different extension options, and seeking professional advice, you can confidently select the perfect extensions to enhance your style. Lavish Hair Line in New Jersey and Texas is here to help you achieve your desired look with our wide selection of high-quality, textured hair extensions. Contact us today for a free 15-minute phone consultation and embark on your journey towards a more voluminous and versatile style that fits your lifestyle and hair.

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I have to admit, I love Valentine’s Day! The gifts are a plus, but what I really like about it is that it provides me with an opportunity to celebrate love (self love). Life can get complicated pretty fast. This day allows me to take a minute and evaluate if the things that I am currently doing are a sign of self love, or have I been neglecting myself and prioritizing other things. As cliché as “ you can’t pour out of an empty cup” it’s true. 


If you are reading this right now, it means that we have some things in common. We love enhancing our natural beauty with hair extensions. What better way to celebrate the love you have for yourself than doing something that makes you feel your ultimate best. It’s a no brainer. This is the perfect opportunity for you to dress up and spend this February 14th with flawless hair. 


Your hair needs are covered! The hair extension techniques that we offer are full of versatility, you will be able to wear your hair in any style! This will allow you to go for a casual, classy, sassy, or elegant look. If you have textured hair, don’t worry we have you covered. Our goal is to provide you with a natural hair extension install that looks like an extension of your natural hair.


Valentine’s Day is around the corner so book your consultation today! We’ll have you walking out the salon feeling sexy, confident, shoulders high, & looking like a life size Barbie doll with your Microlinks hair extensions. 

Hair Extension Techniques FAQ’s

Single Weft Microlinks:

Our Single Weft Microlinks method is designed for clients with thin to fine hair. The microbeads are installed between the wefts providing a seamless install that blends perfectly with the client’s natural hair. Also referred to as the floating weft extension method.  Single weft Microlinks traditionally uses 1-1.5 bundles, very lightweight, and minimum to no tension is experienced. This is a perfect method to add volume and length to shorter hair.


Double X Single Weft Microlinks:

This combination provides a seamless blend with the volume you desire. The single weft is installed from the crown up and the double weft are hand tied over a row of microbeads to provide maximum fullness and added length. Double weft is great for clients who want a full install look with 2-2.5 bundles while still having versatility. Ponytail and high bun approved!

I Tip Microlinks:

The ITIP Method is another great option for clients with medium to thick hair. The individually placed ITIPS allow for a fully customizable install that adds volume, length and maximum style versatility. Client’s love this weft-free method and enjoy the opportunity to run their hands through their luxury Microlinks with no barriers.


Tape in Hair extension

This install provides the ultimate volume & length, we will install up to 80 pieces of tape ins (2 bundles) to create that seamless look. This is a semi-permanent extension that lasts 4 to 8 weeks. They are favored for their quick and easy application time and for their natural-looking finish. Recommended for women with thin, medium or thick hair density. High Ponytail Approved


Which install method is the best for me?

All methods are beautiful, easy, versatile and flexible. The method chosen is determined by YOUR natural hair (the weight, density, thickness, etc). If the correct method is selected for your hair, your results will be optimal. 


Unsure which method is best to choose?

Schedule a FREE 15 min. phone consultation with us. We’ll ask you a couple of questions to determine which technique would work best for your hair and lifestyle.


Is there a certain hair texture or length that Microlinks are better suited for?

Microlinks are great for all hair textures. A texture match can be performed to accomplish your style goals. Microlinks are best suited for clients with hair at least 4-5″ long to ensure there is enough hair to cover the microbeads and weft/ITIPS and pass the ponytail test.

If your hair is short, you may not have the same versatility as someone with longer hair, but you can still get Microlinks.


Is there a big difference between Single, Double or I tips Microlinks?

Each method can provide a different outcome. We sometimes combine these methods when installing to provide our clients with the look and feel they are looking for. All three methods are different and suited for clients based on the health, weight and density of their natural hair.


How often should I do a Refresh/ Tightening? 

A refresh is when we move the hair extension back up. On average our hair grows about half an inch every 4 weeks. By 6 weeks there is a separation between your scalp and the hair extension. We first will move the hair extension to its original place, this will prevent any tangling or breakage between the new growth. We proceed by washing and styling your luxury microlinks. This process feels like getting a new install after we are done, but done in half the time.

If you have thin hair, we recommend that you come back every 4 weeks. If you have medium to thick hair we recommend you come in 6 weeks.  

Tape in hair extensions: we are unable to move the hair extension back up without starting from scratch. With tape in hair extensions we have to remove, replace the old tape and reinstall. 


Washing Your Hair Extensions

Getting a great install is half the battle. To ensure that you get the most out of your hair extension and installation, you must follow the following tips. I know many of my clients like to wash their hair daily or sometimes twice a day. That is not an option when you have a hair extension. I would suggest you wash your hair a maximum of twice per week, preferably only once per week.

Before you start the washing process, we always recommend that you comb all of your hair (hair extension) with a bristle brush. This will help remove any tangles you may have. What’s amazing about the bristle brush is that it’s great at removing any tangles, which I would say better than a comb. (Depending on the severity of the tangle)

Using the proper products is essential. Not all shampoo and conditioners are meant to be used on hair extensions. If you have a favorite product already, make sure that it is sulfate and alcohol-free. These components are not good for the hair extensions or your natural hair. These components can dry out your hair, which weakens your healthy hair and hair extensions.

When you wash your hair, be mindful of how you scrub the hair extension and your hair. I know that it feels good to tip your head over and scrub away. Doing that may cause your hair and the hair extension to tangle. The best way to wash your hair while wearing hair extension is to keep your head upright, especially in the shower. Gently massage your scalp with your fingertips. Do not use your nails to wash your scalp; you can end up cutting yourself. Softly move your hand up and down, or side to side, following the way the weft was installed or your braid pattern.

Retrain yourself from washing your hair in circular motions; doing so can lead to cause tangles or even matting. When you apply the shampoo, make sure it’s on your scalp. When applying conditioner, if you have oily hair, do not apply on your roots; simply applying mid-way. Avoid applying conditioner or any oily products on the Micro links; this can cause the Microlink to loosen up and tighten in a shorter period of time.

Hair Care For before Sleeping

Avoid going to bed with wet hair. Is not healthy for your hair or the durability of the hair extension. Do you have thin hair, and you’re used to washing your hair and going to sleep, and your hair is dry the next day? Unfortunately, that won’t be the care after you add hair extension. It changes everything; you now have more hair, which takes longer to dry. Do not do this, especially if you have a partial or full sew-in. Always make sure you thoroughly dry your hair before you go to bed. To prevent tangling or matting, we suggest you tie up your hair before bed. Using a bonnet or silk pillows will help your hair’s oils and the hair extensions get transferred to your pillowcase. This can prevent acne, matting, and tangling as well.

Drying Your Hair Extensions

The west way to blow dry your hair is by letting it air dry for some time. It is not recommended to dry your hair extension dripping wet. Before you start:

  1. Make sure you untangle the hair and apply a good leave-in conditioner.
  2. As we mentioned before, use a bristle brush.
  3. Before combing your hair, hold the hair extension and start combing from the end and work your way up. This will prevent adding unnecessary tension to your scalp.

When doing so, you must dry the weft by avoiding using the highest heat setting to prevent the Micro links from slipping.

A good way to blow dry your hair is to section the hair into four pieces. Once the hair is blow-dried, use heat thermal protection serum to prevent any heat damage if you plan on using other tools like curling ion, wand, flat iron, and so on. We all want a silky finish, and using heat protectant can help you achieve that.

Styling Your Hair Extensions

Be mindful that using hot tools, not but direct heat to the Micro links. Avoid applying certain products like gel, edge control, hairspray, and serums on top of the hair extension’s wefted part. It will help prevent product build-up and slippage. Heat tools are great tools, but try not to overuse them. You can use different alternatives to create perfect curls like curling rods, magic hair rollers, sock bun curl, pin curl, Bantu knots, and the list goes on and on. When using heat tools, we recommend setting the temperature at no more than 350 degrees.

If you purchase straight hair, you will have a harder time curling the hair. The hair will always try to go back to its natural state. All this means is that the curls would not last as long as if you would purchase our Body Wave, Spanish Wave, or Curly Hair.

If you purchase any curly pattern out of our hairline, keep in mind that this is natural hair. The more you make the hair silky straight, you will start losing the curl pattern.

Dying Your Hair Extensions

We strongly suggest you do not color your hair on your own. Take the hair to a hairstylist that knows how to color hair extensions and, if familiar, the way our hair lifts. We have partners in different parts of New Jersey; they will be able to assist you best. If you still decided to dye the hair extension on your own, make sure you avoid putting chemicals on the wefts. We only advise you to dye the hair darker when doing it yourself. Ask a professional for suggestions on which brand to buy that will not harm the hair. We also are not responsible for any problems you may encounter if you decided to dye it yourself. Certain coloring products contain multiple elements which may damage the extension hair. This includes using any toners. If you decided to color the hair extensions, this is done at your own risk!

After a professional has colored your hair extensions, ask them for product suggestions to help nourish the hair back to its healthy state.

Brushing & Combing

You must be as gentle as possible when combing the hair. Remember, the extensions are attached to your natural hair. If you pull hard, this can result in pulling out your own hair. Use a bristle brush that does not have the balls at the end of each bristle. Depending on the quality of the brush, the balls can fall off and cause breakage. Always start combing from your ends and work your way up, holding the weft in place to provide extra support and release any tension from your scalp.

Everyday Activities

We all love a nice tan! If you use sunbeds, make sure to wrap your hair in a towel. Exposing your hair directly to the sunbeds can cause your hair to try out and weaken the hair extensions. For my active clients who work out regularly, we recommend you only the Microlink technique. This allows you to air dry your natural hair and the hair extension. If you regularly use the steam room or a sauna, make sure you wrap your hair with a towel to prevent the hair from receiving too much steam. Exposing the hair to steam regularly deteriorates the hair.

Vacations & Swimming

We all love to unwind and have an amazing time on vacation; usually, swimming is included in the To-Do List. Before you dive into the pool or the sea, we recommend you comb your hair with the bristle brush, add a leave-in conditioner, and create a big braid if possible. This will prevent any big matting, tangling, or breakage. The chlorine that is in the pool and the salted water are known to cause excessive matting and tangling. Be aware; you may also experience discoloration.

Ensure you wash your hair as soon as possible to get all the salt and chlorine out of your hair. Deep condition your hair to nourish it back to health. All these chemicals trip away nutrients from the hair. Remember to comb the hair before washing it and follow the steps above. Don’t forget to avoid going to sleep with wet hair and follow our sleeping routine guide we suggested, but most important, let loose and have fun!

Micro link extensions are an excellent way to protect your hair and give you the hair extension transformation you deserve. Generally, hair extensions provide this unique flexibility that allows you to wear amazing hairstyles that twists and braids can’t even give.

Today, we can agree that hair extensions are rapidly taking over the world’s hair industry.

Most women get these extensions to improve their natural hair growth and strength. Others look out for more hair length and volume. In the end, it all boils down to the overall beauty of a person.

With many hair options like natural Indian hair, Brazilian, Peruvian, and many others, it may not be easy to know the right hair extension style that best suits you.

Luckily, whether you want a style that involves micro links and the infamous ponytail test or free-flowing tresses, this guide covers it all. What to know about micro links, the various types of hair extensions, and how you can apply them without damaging your natural hair.

What Are Micro Links?

There are different variations of Micro Links. There are the original Micro Links, Braidless Micro Link, Double Weft Micro Link, Single Weft Micro Link, and L A Weave. What makes all these different variations a family of micro links is the use of micro links. These links are like tiny copper rings that anchor the hair extension in place.

Micro links, also known as micro rings, are among the most popular yet the smallest hair extensions attached to natural hair. They are great for adding length and volume for achieving a hair extension transformation.

All these techniques have one thing in common; it allows you to apply hair extensions to the hair without braiding your natural hair. The Braid-less Micro Link and the Double Weft Micro Link are essentially the same technique with different names. Place a line of Micro Rings in the hair as an anchor. Wefted hair is then sew-in on top of the rings with a thread and needle. The Single Weft Micro Link and L A weave is the same technique. No need for a needle and thread for this installation. The micro rings hold the wefted hair in place.

Types of Hair Extensions

There are several types of hair extensions in the market today. These hair extensions are here to give you that full, lengthy, and beautiful hairstyle you desire.

It may be difficult to find hair extensions that blend well with the texture of your natural. Fortunately, there is an overview of hair extensions that may help you make a choice.

#1. Natural Indian Human Hair 

This type of extension looks more natural and more versatile and blends beautifully with ethnic hair. It can be easily dyed, straightened, bleached, and curled.

We only recommend natural Indian human hair extensions because they are made from natural Indian hair. This sustainable practice supports Indian women and their communities. We use natural Indian human hair because of the premium quality and do not require rigorous maintenance.

Natural Indian hair extensions are known to be very easy to style. The waves of natural Indian hair can be straight or curly.

Lavish hair extensions are thick and yet, does not tangle easily. They blend well with our hair texture.

#2. Synthetic Hair

Synthetic hair extensions are mainly produced in Japan. It is hard to manage and preserve this type of hair extension. Because the strands are plastic, you cannot apply heat, color, and it does not fall like natural hair. Your only option is to wear it the way it is purchased. They easily get tangled when given little or too much care.

How To Attach Micro Link Extensions To Your Hair

If you are looking towards reviving your loose or thin curls, the micro links are your best bet. They are also ideal for those who want to add length and volume to the hair.

  • Before you attach the micro ring extension, start by washing your hair. It’s much more comfortable without the extension.
  • Whether you plan to do a micro link ponytail test or a regular fix down, you need to section your hair into rows. It becomes easier to fix the extensions.
  • Collect a few strands of your hair, divide and insert the links. Clamp them together before moving to the next section.
  • Do not attach the extensive micro links to the edges of your hair, especially for ponytails.
  • Continue till you complete every section, and you are ready to style as you desire.

How to Remove the Micro Link Hair Extension

To remove micro link hair extensions safer, use the help of an expert. This process will involve the use of hair pliers to break the bond.

Begin with separating your natural hair from the hair extension. Be sure to work on these sections one step at a time. Use the pliers to squeeze each micro link in the direction from how to attach.

Use the tail end of the comb to loosen the balls and comb the hair properly. Then comb it thoroughly.

Micro Link Hair on Ethnic Hair

Individuals with curly hair can also utilize the micro link extension. Lavish curly hair extensions are made specifically for those with curly hair.

Women who perm their hair can also attach the micro link hair extension to achieve any desired hairstyle.

Having a lot of natural hair also works well for the micro link hair extension, as it makes it easier to blend the hair properly, and the extensions provide length.

Pros and Cons of Micro Link Hair Extension


  • The links won’t harm your natural hair because of their tiny nature.
  • It works and blends with every type of hair.
  • Be rest assured that the bonds won’t loosen no matter how you move.
  • It allows you to dye your hair comfortably.


  • They may damage your hair if not appropriately attached.
  • For first-timers, it may be difficult to sleep because of the feel of the links on the head.
  • If you try to remove the hair on your own, you may experience pain and damage to your hair.
  • If you attach the hair close to your head’s roots, it becomes itchier for you to handle.



Micro links hair extensions are an excellent choice for protecting your hair and getting a hair extension transformation with various hairstyles. These extensions come in several options for different hair types, budgets, and preferences.


The ability to combine your natural hair and micro links adds to the beauty of the extension.